University Values


To be one of the world’s leading innovative the creative Technical Universities recognized locally, nationally and internationally for excellence in teaching, research and public service. To become the preferred choice of students and practioners for understanding technical education and advanced life long learning.


To provide education, research and service in a rich intellectual environment sensitive to local, national and global aspirations, so as to prepare the student possessing knowledge, creative ability and entrepreneurial attitude for becoming successful in globally challenging atmosphere.


  • To lead Research and Development activities and Consultancy through industrial problem solving.
  • To provide training for faculty to improve their skills in teaching and research.
  • To develop and enhance multiple intelligence’s and promote creativity in the members of academic community.
  • To provide opportunities in order to cope with challenges of future.
  • To provide avenues for collaborative planning, both for short term and long- term institutional plans.
  • To provide the right kind of work ethos, professional expertise and leadership in all walks of life.
  • To provide world-class professional and inter-disciplinary courses that are application oriented.
  • To act as the Fountainhead of all the Engineering Colleges in the State and the School of Studies/Centers of Technical Education of the University.
  • To conduct timely examinations and award degrees to candidates of all affiliated Engineering Colleges.
  • To impart PG level quality education in emerging and front ranking areas of Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences.
  • To provide opportunities for life long learning to all concerned.
  • To develop interactions with national and international institutes, universities and organizations for making Chhattisgarh a preferred destination for teaching learning research, trade and business.
  • To seek and cultivate new knowledge, to engage vigorously and fearlessly in the pursuit of growth through R&D activities, and to interpret all knowledge and beliefs in the light of new inventions and discoveries.


The university shall inter alia have the following main objectives:

  • To produce highly competent, professionals by providing world class higher technical education based on application oriented teaching, learning and synergetic University-Industry. Partnership in line with national aspirations
  • To nurture Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University (CSVTU) as a learning and knowledge enterprise.
  • To produce professionals possessing competence with high moral values thereby becoming industry’s first choice and well recognized by the society and nation.
  • Current need of local, national and international communities reflecting all dimensions of disciplines and encouraging creative thinking, problem solving and soft skills.