Examination Form

Dear all,
As you know, the filling of Examination Form for Apr- May 2020 exams commences in April 2020.
The students who have access to the internet at home are advised to fill the form in April 2020.
Institutes have to ensure to pass on this information to all students without fail through any communication available. In fact, it is mandatory for each and every institution to circulate this message across all students of their Institution as a precautionary measure for containment of COVID-19 while informing them about the filling of Examination Form for April-May 2020 Examinations.It is also suggested to fill your exam form by using Desktop or Laptop Using mobile device is not recommended to fill the forms.

Helpline Numbers

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In case of any queries in completing the online examination form, please contact the technical helpdesk team on the e-mail id exam@csvtu.ac.in