Energy and Environmental Engineering

About the Department:

Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering has been established at the University Teaching Department, CSVTU, Bhilai since June 2016. The Department offers PG programme (M.Tech.) in Energy and Environmental Engineering. The department believes in imparting quality education to the students, interaction with eminent personalities and academicians from prestigious Institutions/industries.
The major task of the Department is to develop comprehensive innovative solutions to various energy and environmental challenges by undertaking Environmental and Energy leadership projects. This involves promoting energy efficiency and the adoption of renewable energy sources like Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Small Hydro, and Biomass etc. to meet energy requirements and to consider various renewable energy policies at the local, regional, and national levels. The department is actively engaged in different energy and environmental engineering research areas pertaining to solar energy and environmental engineering.

Objectives of the Department:

  • To develop sustainable infrastructure by providing solutions to acute problems in energy security
  • To integrate the efforts of scientists and engineers working with different aspects of green energy
  • To provide quality education through regular educational programs (such as M.Tech., Ph.D.) and for providing trained manpower to industry in the area of green energy and energy efficiency.
  • To produce highly trained technical manpower to meet the Global Climate and Energy Security challenges & to undertake R&D projects and Policy Research Issues to achieve at domestic and commercial environment.
  • To contribute to grass-root level research and deployment in the field of energy and environment.
  • The department aims at providing quality postgraduate education to meritorious undergraduates with keen interest in both the fields of green energy and energy efficiency.
  • Energy department is proposed to closely associate with industry and several national & foreign academic institutions of repute with an aim to foster cutting edge research and establish ourselves as a leader in this field.
  • To strengthen and rationalise the research, demonstration and development efforts in all green energy technologies & to provide Auditors/ Managers/Consultants for Energy and Environment.
  • Energy department is dedicated to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy and low carbon generation technology through the utilization of Biomass, Wind, Hydro Power, Solar PV and Solar Thermal energy.
  • By the objectives and goals described above, it is believed that Energy Department achievement would lead to “Green Energy for Green Campus”.

“With these objectives, in mind Energy Department could contribute significantly in making India a world leader in this area and make a social impact as well.”


The vision of the department is “To develop successful academic research community in the area of sustainable and green technology for a better tomorrow”.


    The research mission of the Energy Department is to:

  • Contribute to the development of next generations of highly qualified and ethical professionals through specialized training and knowledge build-up in areas of green technology and renewable energy.
  • Promote the vision of the department among academic, industrial, and public sectors through demonstration and dissemination of green technology projects and create environment.
  • Develop eco-friendly sustainable technologies to ensure the energy security of the country and the world.
  • Partner with industry, research organizations and government in India and abroad for the commercialization of research ideas.
  • Improve the quality of life of citizens of India, conserving natural resources, and serve as an engine for socio economic and sustainable development.
  • Promote and establish a clear pathway to make CSVTU a green campus within the next ten years and to propagate green campus ideas and methodologies

Programme Outcomes

Students will acquire fundamental knowledge in energy principles, technologies and environmental sciences, as well as the ability to facilitate solutions to problems related to energy technologies, environmental engineering, New and renewable energy resources, energy efficient buildings, etc., that contribute to the well-being of our environment and society.

Career Prospects

The knowledge and skills gained by students of the Programme will afford them strong career prospects. They will find employability in current and emerging areas of energy systems, environmental monitoring and control, sensor instrumentation, and smart and green building technologies, among others. They can land jobs in Government, electric companies and power grid enterprises, building and construction industries, consulting firms and green groups, renewable technology companies, and vehicle industries, to cite just some of the possibilities. They can also pursue doctorate studies in their specialized areas of interest in India or overseas.

Solar energy companies of India

Astonfield, Azure Power, Hindustan Power, Indosolar, ReNew Power, SELCO India, Solairedirect, Solar Energy Corporation of India, Su-Kam Power Systems, Suzlon, Tata Power Solar, Vikram Solar, Vivaan Solar.

Wind power companies of India

ReNew Power, Suzlon

Head of Department

Name Qualification Designation Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
Dr. Harish Kumar Ghritlahre BE (GEC Jagdalpur), M.Tech (NIT Raipur) , Ph.D (NIT Jamshedpur) Assistant Professor +91-9406020587 Renewable Energy, Solar Dryer, Solar Energy, Solar Thermal Application, Power Plant, Artificial Neural Network
Name Qualification Designation Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
Mr.Samarth Prakash Saxena B.Tech (Electrical Engineering) MANIT Bhopal; M.E (Electrical Engineering) University of Houston, Houston, Texas; M.E (Petroleum Engineering) University of Houston, Houston, Texas Assistant Professor +91-9174635135 Power & Control Systems, Supply Chain Management, Engineering Administration, Integrated Reservoir Characterization, Petroleum Fluid Properties, Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Production Operations, Energy Systems
Name Qualification Designation Contact No. / E-mail Specialization / Area of Interest
Mrs. Purvi Chandrakar Masters of technology (power system), Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) Assistant Professor +91-9862744591 Renewable energy integration, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, Virtual Machines, Renewable dominant electric grid, Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal